Harmony Modules


With Harmony's E-Commerce Modules, you can grant controlled access to your system to suppliers, customers, agents and other trading partners. Electronic commerce can link your branches or agents in a cost effective manner. It can also be a complete online trading system, using the Internet to trade with clients, suppliers and the public. Harmony's e-commerce modules include:

Debtor Enquiry

Your customers can look up outstanding orders, review sales history, view and print statements, check delivery schedules, make payments and the like.

Because the system is live, all information is completely up-to-date.

Access is password protected for security and customers cannot change any information - they can view only.

Debtor Order Entry

Customers can view products and prices, obtain quotes, and place orders.

You decide whether the orders go directly into your system, or are placed in a log for prior user authorization.

Customers enter "trial orders" to obtain accurate quotes, and can make changes to quotes before committing to an order.

Because each customer has a unique sign on, pricing can be varied according to the client's purchase profile.

Stock Enquiry

Customers can look up product information directly from your database.

This includes pricing, product specification, photos or diagrams and stock availability.

Items available can be categorised independently of your internal categorisation and products can appear in multiple areas if required.

Public Order Entry

This module has much the same functionality as Debtor Order Entry, but is designed for trading with the public.

All sales are prepaid, using secure payment options.

The familiar "shopping basket" model is used for both order entry modules.

These orders can either go directly to the main warehouse or a shop for fulfillment or be placed in a log for prior authorisation.

Products placed on the website can be a selected subset of those in your stock system.

Customer Stock Drawdown

Where customers have placed indent orders for stock and wish to draw down on these orders, Harmony gives them a direct interface for doing so.

If the customer is a retailer with multiple shops, the user has an easy to use interface for entry of orders by shop

Webpage Style Customisation

As companies require different designs and features for their websites, FBS is able to customise the look and feel of your e-commerce requirements.

With Harmony e-commerce your customers enjoy a higher level of service, especially if they are in a different time zone.

This "self service" approach to information may also reduce the need for customer support staff in your business, allowing you to trim overheads or re deploy staff in other areas.