Harmony Modules


Harmony Manufacturing is ideal for the "light" manufacturing and assembly enterprise that is most common in Australia. It allows for both in house manufacture as well as both local and overseas outsourced production.

Bill of Materials

The bill of materials can be used for manufacturing, assembly, or simply picking stock to a defined specification. Harmony's BOM can include items you make, assemble or buy in, including raw materials, finished components, and labour - any of which can have their own BOM.

You can also specify allowable substitutions if a chosen component is out of stock

Harmony makes your job easier by letting you set formulae to have your BOM create itself - for example, automatically calculate how much raw material is required for an item of a certain size.

If your manufacturing is more complex, you can program in your business rules for a totally dynamic BOM, which can take into account such things as fabric lays, grades of raw material, even colors and flavors.

Harmony automatically calculates and adds all the necessary components, making intelligent choices on your behalf.

Harmony's BOM is so sophisticated, it can handle simple, immediate manufacturing, where production planning and tracking are not required.

The BOM will manage the process and update stock figures based on components used and finished goods delivered.

Production Planning and Manufacturing

Harmony helps you plan and manage every aspect of manufacturing - raw materials requirements, factory capacity, machine time, labour etc.

You can even track external elements such as subcontracted jobs and makers.

If you make to order you can have the system check stock levels to see what needs to be ordered; if you make for stock, Harmony will tell you in advance what you need.

Harmony monitors your manufacturing capacity to ensure you don't enter orders that you won't be able to deliver.

Raw material requirements can be recalculated automatically as sales orders change, so you always have just what you need.

Batches are catered for by Harmony; you can manufacture in batches, as well as track batches of raw materials used.

Production paperwork such as picking slips and work orders are created to suit your particular environment, and enable work to be tracked in a variety of ways.

Knowing what's waiting in each department not only helps you assess the productivity of your people, equipment and systems - it allows you to detect and handle potential problems.

Assembly and Make to Order

Assembly type manufacturing is amply handled by Harmony.

Standard products can have their component list (including labour and other services) saved in Harmony as a BOM, and the entire assembly process can be invoked by keying in a single product code.

The resulting picking list can include assembly and other instructions.

If you only make to order, Harmony's sales order system with tracking is ideal.

Combined with the bill of materials function, you have a solution to manage your manufacturing, without unnecessary complexity.

Using the high level bill of materials function, Harmony can create a unique BOM for each item. Simply by specifying the product and keying in size requirements, Harmony will select all the components you need to make the item, determine the most effective use of raw materials, how much machine time is needed and more.

Harmony will even do the costing for you by accessing price files for your raw materials and labour. And of course you can track made-to-order items so you know where each individual job is in the cycle at all times.

Order Tracking and Scheduling

Harmony's scheduling can take into account variables such as factory capacity, raw material stocks, staff absences, freight times and more, to help to manage production.

Once manufacturing has begun,graphical displays help you monitor production by item, style, department, location, maker, and more.

Harmony helps you to manage resources and lead times to ensure deadlines don't slip.

You can also keep your customers informed of order progress, because a few keystrokes will show you the exact status of any order.

In fact, you can give customers and other trading partners online access to your Harmony system, so they can check for themselves.

Style Development

For companies within the Clothing and Footwear industries, Harmony provides a Style Development Module which allows for the creation and storing of all information required in the development process.

This includes costing, measurement and production specifications, sketches and photos, colour-ways, sampling and tasks.