Harmony Modules

Retail Point of Sale

Harmony WinPOS is a state of the art Point of Sale system integrating into a comprehensive back office system. WinPOS is suited to companies operating multiple points of sale at a single location through to companies with hundreds of shops across multiple countries.

The core Point of Sale module is supported by

  • a full customer database

  • rostering and payroll attendance collection

  • intelligent restocking

  • shop budgeting

  • open to buy

  • a comprehensive retail management reporting module



Online - RealTime or Stand Alone

Harmony POS operates online Real Time via the internet or direct connection to head office.

It eliminates polling, thus providing accurate Real Time reporting, price updates and stock availability.

Harmony POS automatically reverts to standalone operation if the connection to Head Office is disrupted, thus allowing sales processing to continue.

Full Head Office Control

Harmony POS permits all system administration to be performed centrally at head office.

This includes program updates, price changes and all shop configuration.

Head office can easily identify which shops are online and can take control of any shop for support purposes at any time.

Full Featured

Harmony POS provides for:

  • Lay-bys in two modes
  • Returns
  • Ordering
  • Account Sales
  • Multiple Tenders
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Discount Reason Codes
  • Stock Searching and Lookup
  • User Security
  • Promotions Multiple Stock-take Options
  • Inter Store Transfers
  • Multiple Price and Discount Options
  • Hot-Keys
  • Custom Forms

Complete Back Office Integration

Harmony provides one of the most extensive Enterprise Management Systems on the market with over forty modules handling:

  • Distribution
  • Sales Orders
  • EDI
  • Purchasing
  • Importing
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Stock Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Accounting

By operating a totally integrated Back Office and Retail System, there is no double data entry saving you time and money.

Comprehensive Reporting

Harmony POS and Retail Management provides a full suite of performance and analysis reports both at shop and back office level.

These also include fraud detection reporting and advertising/promotional campaign measuring.

Full EFTPOS Integration

Harmony POS is fully integrated with all major Australian Banks EFTPOS Systems.

This can be operated via a Head Office Argent connection, thus eliminating the need for an additional phone line at each shop.

The EFTPOS has the ability to operate in standalone mode in the case of the PC or internet connection failing.

Integrated Loyalty Programs

Harmony provides fully integrated loyalty programs, allowing for the easy collection of customer data and multiple reward options which include;

  • promotional/gift vouchers
  • targeted discounts and loyalty levels.
  • Utilities for merging duplicated customers are also included.

Budgeting and Open to Buy

A complete budgeting module allows for the easy creation of shop budgets which are then used for in various shop performance reports.

The Open to Buy System allows for accurate purchasing forecasting and performance tracking within a specified seas

Shop Re-stocking/Replenishment

Total integration with the Harmony Warehousing Modules allows for intelligent shop replenishment.

This allows for picking from pick slips or full RF paperless warehouse operation using scan pick technology and full integration with common freight systems.

Rostering Payroll

Staff rosters can be created providing staff with a central database for looking up work hours and if used in conjunction with budgeting allows for comprehensive staff performance measurement.

Staff clock ons and offs at the shops can be compared with rosters and fed directly into the payroll system simplifying payroll processing.