Harmony Modules

Service / Job Costing

Harmony can handle everything from scheduling to service, costing to billing, as well as all your general business functions. It doesn't matter if your typical project comprises a single job, such as charging a battery, or many jobs over an extended period, such as constructing a building - Harmony has a comprehensive solution that is easy to use.

Job Costing and Service Management

Harmony tracks every aspect of every job: labor, parts, overheads, external costs and more.

Multiple prices can be set for your labour and facilities, and the system can select a price based on your business rules.

Job status can be viewed at any time, along with estimated vs actual start and finish times for various phases of the project.

Previous projects can be used as templates for creating new ones, and all available resources can be programmed as drop-down lists that appear on screen when needed.

Extensive reporting allows you to monitor resource usage, income, productivity of staff and other key measurements.

Profitability reports compare your budgeted to actual income and expenses, along with client payment status.


If you simply handle jobs as they come in, the service module may be all you require.

But if you want to optimize the use of staff and equipment and increase your income, you need Harmony Scheduling.

The scheduling module lets you allocate people and resources to jobs, based on the type and duration of the job.

Typical jobs can be set up as templates in the system, which include the skills, equipment, estimated labour and even travel time required.

Harmony provides a visual presentation of your schedule which is easy to read and understand. Resource and job status can be colour coded for easy identification.

Jobs can be transmitted to PDA units in the field, allowing technicians to accept jobs and record time and materials used for transmission back to head office for automatic processing and invoice creation.


Harmony monitors equipment usage, movement, and service history.

You can track individual components as well as complete units.

The system can be used for equipment you've sold to customers, equipment owned by customers but sourced elsewhere, and your own rental pool.

The equipment module tracks a variety of usage readings (such as kilometers or hours), keeps track of when equipment needs servicing, and analyses running costs.

You can also calculate how much a service contract actually cost you, compared with what the customer paid.


Harmony's rental module tracks the information you need: duration, cost, location and the like.

By entering rental equipment as a resource in both the equipment and scheduling modules, you can ensure optimum return on your investment, while preserving its useful life with timely servicing.

The rental module is also excellent for controlling demonstration and trial equipment and supports both manual and batch auto invoicing.

Better information and total system integration

Harmony Job Costing lets you create and use standard forms such as job and time sheets, while integration with the rest of the Harmony system keeps paperwork to a minimum.

Progress on your projects automatically update the relevant modules in the system.

Time spent on jobs can be transferred to the payroll system, while stock and spare parts used can be allocated to jobs as WIP and then billed, and completed jobs and rentals can trigger invoices to be released, and much more.

Your job costing and scheduling system can be made available to local and remote staff, external suppliers, agents, consultants and even clients.

If your people or facilities are spread out over a number of locations, Harmony will help you to manage your business like never before.

Job Quotations

Harmony lets you prepare quotes for long or short projects as well as rentals.

Quote templates are easy to prepare and modify.

You can maintain various price levels for your equipment and labour and let the system do all the calculations, simply by keying in the customer number and the product codes.