Harmony Modules

Warehousing & Distribution

Managing a distribution company is easy with Harmony. It can provide

  • Valuable management information

  • Streamline your operation

  • Save you money



Harmony handles foreign exchange and costing by shipment (including allowance for duty), which can be used to set costs and prices.

The foreign exchange table can be updated as often as you like to maintain accuracy.

You can monitor and manage unit costs, duty and taxes,freight and other charges.

Harmony can even optimize your container usage by aggregating shipments based on weight or size.

The system allows you to track imports by shipment, by container or by voyage, so you expect your deliveries.

Financial matters are catered for too, with import payment tracking by LC, TT and IDC.

Advanced Warehousing

Harmony provides full warehouse management with location tracking for picking and bulk stock. Extensive use of RF equipment allows for efficient stock receiving, put-away, picking, movements and stock-take.

Scan any barcode or bin location to know where to find stock or what should be in the location.

Picking bin locations can be optimised based on frequency of pick and pick face replenishment can take into account outstanding pick slips.

Pick slips can be generated through the automatic release of sales orders or via the auto creation of transfer orders for shop replenishment.

You can avoid unnecessary put away of arriving stock required for immediate dispatch.

Scan Pick/Pack

Scan Pick lets you scan goods as you pick them or Scan Pack as packing, so you can make sure the correct items are dispatched.

Portable data entry devices can be used with Harmony Scan Pick, allowing you to interface directly to the system, even if there isn't a PC near by.

Carton stickers are produced providing SCM's for all major retailers and consignment stickers for freight companies.

Instantly generated invoices allowing for dispatch without re-handling.

Distribution and Freight Management

Harmony can compute freight costs, and generate consignment notes or truck run reports for your dispatch team.

Carton stickers are generated at the time of packing/scanning removing the need for double handling.

Multiple orders to the same destination can be merged into a single invoice and/or consignment to cut costs.

Electronic manifests can be generated of all the leading freight companies allowing easy tracking of shipment progress and when the freight bills come in, you can reconcile them with your estimates.

EDI Interface

Harmony allows for efficient receipt of EDI orders from major retailers and imports then into the system, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry.

By processing data generated in the Scan Pack Module, Advanced Shipping Notices are then transmitted back to customer using EDI communications software.

Reverse Purchase Order

Harmony allows for the import of sales and stock level data supplied by major retailers.

Rather than the retailer supplying purchase orders, you use Harmony to decide which shops receive which items maximizing shop sales and hence your sales.