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Summer 2014 Newsletter

2014 promises to be an exciting year for Future Business Systems. Our development
teams are working on a number of exciting projects and we have several major releases
planned for the year ahead. These include, the 14A version of Harmony Back-office,
version 4 of Staff Rostering and version 7 of WinPOS.

I'm especially excited with the development of our Harmony Web Services Engine with
its tongue-twisting acronym (HWSE). In the office we refer to it as "Hews", and in
simple terms it allows remote communication with the Harmony database. What
makes it really appealing is the ability for any website to perform remote queries and
updates in real time. Furthermore we are creating elegant and easy to use web portals
to connect staff, customers and suppliers, called Harmony Connect. We have several
portals in development with an expectation that a demo version of the Employee Portal
will be available shortly.