10.06.2015 | Acquisition of FBS
28.02.2014 | Summer 2014 Newsletter
11.12.2013 | Spring 2013 Newsletter
19.09.2013 | Winter 2013 Newsletter
21.05.2013 | Autumn 2013 Newsletter
07.03.2013 | Summer 2013 Newsletter
23.10.2012 | Spring 2012 Newsletter
20.07.2012 | Winter 2012 Newsletter
22.03.2012 | Autumn 2012 Newsletter
16.03.2012 | Summer 2011 Newsletter
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Acquisition of FBS

The Management team of Future Business Systems Pty Ltd. is extremely pleased to announce the acquisition by Markinson Technologies and its parent company Constellation Software.

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Summer 2014 Newsletter

2014 promises to be an exciting year for Future Business Systems. Our development teams are working on a number of exciting projects and we have several major releases planned for the year ahead. These include, the 14A version of Harmony Back-office, version 4 of Staff Rostering and version 7 of...

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Spring 2013 Newsletter

The soothsayers continue to predict challenging times ahead for Australian retailers. We have a flat-lining local economy coupled with an uncertain global economy. Several high profile and long established retailers have faltered in the past two years. Deloitte's in a recent whitepaper on "Global Retailing" pointed to a number of early warning signs that cause underperformance... 

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Winter 2013 Newsletter

Are you in the business of being social? What mechanisms do you use to engage with customers and staff? Our feature article this month discusses the benefits of engaging with customers and staff in a broader social arena by utilizing any number of social tools available today. It also warns us about the risk of creating an engagement gap if you choose the wrong approach....

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Autumn 2013 Newsletter

It is alleged that in 1943, Thomas Watson the chairman of IBM boldly claimed "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers". I personally own four so I'm curious who owns the fifth. Today, we can laugh about how wildly incorrect that seventy year old prognostication turned out to be,... read more

Summer 2013 Newsletter

As a parent with adolescent children I'm constantly reminded of the marketing juggernauts that drive the fashion, sports and entertainment industries. On a recent trip to America I was dragged into an Abercrombie & Fitch retail store. Abercrombie & Fitch is synonymous with casualwear and... read more

Spring 2012 Newsletter

Hope Springs Eternal It's hard not to be impressed by Zappos' business success. Founded in 1999, the online shoe retailer has grown to become a great business success story. In less than ten years they reached one billion dollars in gross merchandise sales. Tony...

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Winter 2012 Newsletter

Rust Never Sleeps I was intrigued to discover I actually have over ten loyalty cards in my possession. Only one is in my wallet the others are on my desk, in my office, the glove box of my car, my bedside table and at least one I use as a bookmark. Ever since Tesco...

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Autumn 2012 Newsletter

inHARMONY The Autumn Edition 2012

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Summer 2011 Newsletter

We're back bigger and better. After a hiatus of more than twelve months, FBS has relaunched its newsletter with a new resurgence and vitality. The newsletter will be released quarterly in line with the four seasons of the year. Commencing with Summer 2011, this...

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