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Software Support

Software License and Support Agreement

As part of your Software Licence Agreement, you are entitled to unlimited Harmony and Unix support by our help desk, between the hours of 9:00am and 5:30pm weekdays, Melbourne time which covers you for the following:

On line help. A context-sensitive help function is built into all Harmony modules.
Help on CD. A comprehensive reference tool for Harmony on a regularly updated CD.
Remote support. FBS support staff have access to every Harmony site, via either dial up modem or the Internet. This enables us to access your system in order to diagnose and fix problems. This access can also be used for training purposes, utilising our Terminal Remote Control facility to enable training staff to see what the user is doing on the screen and to take control of their screen if required.
Software Upgrades. We are continually improving and upgrading Harmony. Periodic upgrades are sent (at no charge) to all clients with a valid Software Licence Agreement.
Upgrade notes. Each Harmony upgrade comes with extensive notes, so you know exactly what has changed in the software since the last release.
An Account Manager to provide advice and information, and handle any issues that may arise. Also acts as a point of contact at Future Business Systems.

Overseas Telephone Support

Special arrangements have been made for clients with overseas operations.

You pay the annual Harmony module maintenance fee for after hours Harmony telephone support.

You do not pay the per hour charge for after hours support, provided you call during normal business hours from your location.

Overseas sites that are branch offices of Australian based clients, and using the same Harmony database, are expected to obtain support from their parent office.

Support by FBS for these sites outside Melbourne business hours will incur the standard FBS hourly support charge.

Note: Only Harmony software support is offered to overseas clients and support is by telephone only.

Calls will be made to a designated number and at the client's expense.

Premium After Hours Telephone Support (Optional)

FBS offers telephone support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An after hours telephone number puts you directly in touch with a support engineer.
Support is for Harmony software only - not 3rd party software products or hardware.
Support is by telephone only - no site visits are available unless prior arrangements have been made.

Clients who do not undertake this agreement will not be supported outside Future Business Systems' normal working hours of 9:00am to 5:30pm weekdays, Melbourne time (excluding public holidays). 


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